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Perhaps you're looking to raise some much needed funds for your charity organisation, or you might be looking to fundraise for your GAA or sporting club. We have a range of fundraising solutions designed to help you reach your fundraising goals. Get in touch with us today if you'd like to discuss a bespoke solution.

We understand the needs and requirements of community centres, sports team and community projects who want to raise much needed funds. Let’s Play Bingo supplies a comprehensive range of paper and card based games for fundraising events. The fundraising materials we can supply include scratch cards, break open cards, scratch and reveal cards and a full range of easy to play card based games. Hosting a bingo event is a tried and tested way to raise much needed funds, whether it’s for a GAA club, community group, church group, or any other society. A successful bingo fundraiser is reliant upon having all the correct supplies available and Let’s Play Bingo have everything you could need to make your bingo fundraiser successful. Bingo is sociable, fun and easy to organise, making it the perfect fundraiser idea.

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