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Ideal for playing before or during Bingo interval

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We've everything you could possibly need to run a club fundraiser, mini fundraising tickets or lotto. With solutions for all types of events, call us to discuss your needs in more detail and we'll find the right product for you

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Club Fundraisers

First Score

Use in conjuction with selected soccer or Gaelic matches. Sets contains all minutes of a game, 1 - 90 Soccer or 1 - 60/70 Gaelic. One ticket marked O in case no goal is scored. Prize paid on exact time of First Goal in a selected match. Selling Proce and Prize Fund are decided by Promoter

Bonus Ball

Game based on Bonus Ball drawn in selected National Lottery Games. Tickets numbered 1 - 47 under scratch panel prize. Ticket price & specified fundraising tickets game are decided by Promoter.

Pick a Team

Available in Soccer, Gaelic & Rugby versions. Each ticket shows the names of 20 different teams. Scratch off panel when all names sold to reveal winning team. Stake and prize pay-out are decided by Promoter.

Golden Goal

Based on time of first goal in a designated GAA, Soccer or Rugby game. Tickets cover all minutes and seconds in a match less first 10 seconds of each half. Includes at least one ticker marked 'No Goal/Try' which will win in the event of a scoreless game. Stake and prize pay out are decided by promoter. Set Sizes: Soccer 5381 tickets, Rugby 4781 tickets, GAA 4141 tickets

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