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Fundraising Solutions

We have a range of top quality solutions available for all your fundraising needs. Choose from a selection of raffle ticket books, raffle tickets or scratch tickets below.

Five colour raffle tickets

5 colours per book. Books of 500 raffle tickets. Boxes of 40.000 raffle tickets

single colour raffle tickets

4 colours avaible. Books of 500 raffle tickets. Boxes of 40.000 raffle tickets

Cloakroom raffle Tickets

Big number print. Books 1-500 or 1-1000. Avaible in 6 colours.

Roll tickets

Roll tickets 1-1000. Plain faced or printed with Admission or other Club Details. 10 different roll colours per pack.

Draw tickets

Avaible in 3 colours

First Score

Use in conjuction with selected soccer or Gaelic matches. Sets contains all minutes of a game, 1 - 90 Soccer or 1 - 60/70 Gaelic. One ticket marked O in case no goal is scored. Prize paid on exact time of First Goal in a selected match. Selling Proce and Prize Fund are decided by Promoter

Pick A Team

Available in Soccer, Gaelic & Rugby versions. Each ticket shows the names of 20 different teams. Scratch off panel when all names sold to reveal winning team. Stake and prize pay-out are decided by Promoter.

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